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Masks and Fins on: the unexpected adventure begins! 
Scuba divers and dive centres mistakenly consider snorkelling a fall-back activity. We believe instead it gives the opportunity to appreciate the shallow-water’s encounters so that’s why we offer unique snorkelling tours that take advantage of those features which are valuable only while snorkelling.
Ever heard about Cave Snorkelling? That’s one! Several marine caves are accessible only by swimming: not diving, nor boating.
As a scuba diver or not, take the chance to live the unexpected adventure as simply by snorkelling!
Here are the sites specifically we selected for you to get the most of a snorkelling tour. The spots are intentionally named by their ancient toponym as they in somehow connected to their characteristics and highlights and we want to preserve their originality.

Naturalistic Sea-watching Routes

The following spots are dotted along the coastline around the island and are identified to be interesting for their volcanic conformation, such as lava pillows, basalts, tunnels and cracks, and for the typical infra-coastal flora and fauna, easy to identify thanks to crystal and transparent waters.

  • Punta ‘ra Mezzaluna & U’ Patanu
  • Scogghiu ru Liune & Cala Ciacuni
  • Testa du Russu
  • Punta Megna
  • Matri Santa & Patriconiu
  • Sutta ‘a Za’ Lisa
  • La Vaddotta
  • Cala Sciabica
  • Punta Galera
  • A Ciaccazza di San Paolo

Cave Snorkelling

There are 9 semi-submerged caves along the coastline that can be visited from the surface, of which most of them are not accessible by boat but only by swimming in. Equipped with a dive torch to enlighten the cavities and with booties to walk on the rocks, you’ll discover some of the most unknown places of the island where no visitor, scuba diver neither local guide are used to go!

  • Rutticeddi & Scogghiu Culumbaru
  • Rutta Vinci
  • Grotta della Faglia
  • ‘A Sireta & ‘Rutta Vascia
  • ‘Rutta da Sciabica
  • ‘Rutta da Pastizza
  • ‘Rutta di l’Acqua & ‘Rutta ‘i San Franciscu

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