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What else to diving

Ustica island is definitely a scuba destination.
Let us be honest: among the numerous tiny islands scattered around Sicilian coastline, Ustica wouldn't be our first choice if it's not about diving or snorkelling.
Nevertheless, if you're a nature lover and a fan of culture and history, Ustica can surprise you with special highlights.
This is evidenced by the fact we have decided to live here, and we spend also our off season life on the island, so not only coming for the business period.
We have explored every accessible areas and observed landscapes, discovered hidden corners of inland and its shores. So if you want to spend some time of your holiday (especially whe you have to stop for your no-fly time, unless you still want to snorkel!) to discover its land treasures, here some of our suggestions of what to see and do.

Hiking and walking Routes

Get a map from the tourist information and choose among the different itineraries suggested around the island. Ustica isn’t quite what you might define as an elderly-friendly zone but if you're trained in walking you will enjoy the climbs and slopes along the defined paths.

Ustica By Bike

Actually you won't find classical bikes: hot season and hard slopes are not inviting, so electrical bikes are the best options. You can wander around for a day, along the standard roads or dirt roads and look for different landscapes or sea-views.

Solarium Resort

Relaxation, sunbathing and cocktails: did you think you had to give up to the idea?! On the northwest side of the island a little volcanic bay with shallow water is well placed in the context beach resort with shuttle service available.
book your beach chair and you can spend the whole day to chill out. A sleep, a swim, a snack, an aperitiv at sunset and a dinner under the stars. All in place. What else?!

Cultural Amenities

As small as the island is, it preserves many interesting testimonies of past cultures.
There are a couple of museums (hey, check first when and if they're open!) and an establishment on the top of a hill. A necropolis and a prehistorical village are our favourite on land tours with its curiosities and mysteries.

Boat Tours

Still not fed up with the boat and staying by the sea? Rent a boat on your own if you're titled of take part of one of the classical boat tours with swimming stops around the island. youn might not have appreciated enough of it while scuba diving!

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