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Low Season RIB Diving

Experience the island's peace and go for exclusive diving off season

We must say it: the diving season in Sicily goes with summer (from May to October – which is already a long one!), so if you’re a diver coming to Sicily on holiday you won’t find any scuba offers outside of this period, especially if you’re thinking about a little volcanic island surrounded by a marine protected area, like Ustica Island.

Until you find us, at Mare Nostrum Diving. We’re not just open almost 10 months per year; we live on this island ourselves.

What is special about diving off-season

First of all, you enjoy the quietness of the island. The clock seems to be running slower and everything goes at a slower pace. What you once thought to be a little harbour becomes an open space large dock and  because of little crowd around, you get to know the locals and the few other visitors as if they were on holiday with you.

Marine life encounters are different: in spring you get to observe those species that prefer lower temperatures, such as lobsters and shrimps, or cuttlefishes and octopuses, in autumn you might cross through schools of tuna fishes and other passing shoals of fish.

Dive Schedule

Guided Dives are arranged by single dive trip with our inflatable boat. Usually they are run in the morning, with a surface interval on land, for a snack at the bar and to get the refilled tanks for the second dive. 
You will have space and time to assemble your equipment before embarking, but you won't need to remove it back from the boat each day: it just stays on board.

Our Offer

You can get a basic dive package of 4, 6 or 10 dives, at a lower price than the Basic Diving offers in summer with the Half-Day Diving program.
It can also be an opportunity to focus on training program, such as an Advanced or Specialty course, or even a Rescue Diver program, if you're planning to stay longer.

The Mare Nostrum Inflatable Boat

it is not a Day Cruiser, but it's something out of ordinary as a RIB: wooden benches, a raised steel tank-rack and a solid ladder will make you feel as on a dive boat. The sun shade becomes even more useful in case of drizzle.
Dive groups are never more than 6 divers and maximum 12 divers are welcome on board. But as we said, that is not the low season configuration! It just means more space available.

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