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Basic Diving

If it’s the first time for you in Ustica or you’re just enjoying in a nearly passive mood, book your Basic Guided Dive Package and let us pamper you during the daily scuba excursions on our Linosa Sunshine Dive Boat. Through the Basic Diving Formula you will uncover the wonders of Ustica, with a good start in exploring the Aquatic and Benthic Zones of the Marine Protected Area. 

Half-Day Dive Trips

Ustica island is more enjoyable by boat as its coastline has limited access to the sea from land. If you're planning a scuba vacation with more dives per day, you can't choose better than the Dive Boat formula. You wouldn't want to assemble your equipment on the rugged-ground dock and wear your gear under the scorching sun, with a shabby briefing during a speedy and noisy navigation to the dive spot (still because of the burning sun).
Our boat goes on a daily basis for a Half-Day Dive Trip which includes 2 guided dives with surface interval on board in a flexible schedule.
Our guided dives last about an hour, preceded by a comprehensive briefing and followed up with relaxing breaks cheered by the captain’s coffee. 

Basic Dive Packages 

Whether you're staying few days, a weekend of a week, you may select the dive package that fits your plans:  Although, you don't have to decide it in advance: just get a minimum package to get your seat on board and start diving and you may upgrade your plan in progress for more dives. And, the more you dive, the higher the discount.


Set aside additional services for your package. During your checkout of payment online, you can add to your shopping cart the following extra services:

Equipment Rental
Whether you don't have your own gear or want to travel light, take the chance to get it in place for rent at a daily rate, regardless of the number of dives per day.

Under special conditions*, you can get Nitrox  for FREE.  Enjoy it at no extra cost.

Note: you need to be a certified Nitrox Diver to dive with Enriched Air. If not, you can purchase your PADI Nitrox eLearning, instead and get certified in two training dives.
*special conditions are listed in our product description.

Do you need a personal guide or just want to dive outside the circle? Get your Personal Dive Guide and enjoy the uniqueness of a personal treatment.
If you haven't been diving for a while and don't feel confident diving with other fellows, take part to a Refresh program with one of our professionals to catch up with the basic skills and join the group at a later time.
The price you find on our shop is per dive and shareable maximum between 2 persons (if agreed in advance).

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